Executive Counsel Profile

I created a website called Executive Counsel as I believe that business value and therefore tangible and intangible benefits can be enhanced through Intelligent Executive Leadership, ownership and commitment.  I have seen over the past 30 years that the lack of knowledge may result in lower Returns on Investments (ROI). I believe that I can assist an executive team in creating the business value desired, through effective Intelligent Leadership mastery. The prerequisite to success in any business is that Executives embrace a mind-set change and utilise flexible, tailored best practices – regardless of what these are.  We only benchmark against the best and there is no such thing as One-Size-Fits-All.

My job is to establish the root causes of poor business value.  There are usually many causes and therefore many ways to address these:

  • Through effective Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching where existing successful leaders tweak their leadership traits that will enhance the individual and organisational capabilities.
  • Through the implementation of carefully selected portfolio components with quantitative measurements that will assist a business in enhancing its full potential.
  • By significantly reducing the true causes of problems as opposed to the symptoms, business will be more profitable and sustain that profitability using the right mechanisms.
  • Through Quality management of which prevention should be at the fore of any organisation. Rework must never happen and creating customer loyalty and growth in market share is paramount to longevity, regardless of the type of industry or business.
  • Through effective Risk management as no risk should ever become an issue and risk management is not a tick box exercise to wing your way through an audit. Risk taking is a necessity but it is calculated risk.
  • Through capable and accountable individuals, collaborating and committed teams that must create business value by managing their activities effectively and efficiently.

I believe that a business is an integrated unit and that decisions made in one area affect other functional areas. Evaluating initiatives, prioritising initiatives and selecting the right initiatives are key to strategic implementation and benefit creation.  Allocating limited and constrained resources to the right initiatives needs careful consideration which is an iterative process.  This is no easy feat but is necessary for self-preservation.

I would also like to believe that quantitative measures rather than gut feel are needed.  There is no time for flying by the seat of our pants and later making an assessment.

If there is a will, an appetite, a desire and a passion for success then organisational change can be effected for the future existence of a business.  All that is required is the right knowledge, skill, tools and techniques.  I am hoping this website will create value and guide Executives to be more successful.

My job is to create organisational unity and a quantitative implementation roadmap that harnesses programs, projects and operations to meet vision, mission and your strategic goals and objectives.

Utilising the quality management principles:

  • Using the right skill
  • Using the right tools and techniques
  • Using the right processes
  • Using the voice of the customer