Audits and Assessments of PMO, Programs and Projects

You may be in a situation where you feel that your Project Management Office (PMO) and your project team are not delivering projects on time and within budget.  You may be feeling that you are at the point where you want to close down your office and make the positions redundant. Perhaps Agile is your silver bullet and therefore you do not require a PMO but rather an Agile Centre of Excellence. I say hang fire.  A PMO is one of the most important functional areas in an organisation if you are serious about implementing strategy with current capabilities.

I can assist with the following:

  • Conducting a Praxis Framework Assessment looking at Portfolios, Programs and Projects
  • PMBoK® Best Practice which is the International Project Management Body of Knowledge and is developed and published by the Project Management Institute. This toolset covers 10 specialised knowledge areas and 5 process groups which enhance project success.
  • Prince2™ Methodology which addresses planning, monitoring and controlling of 6 variables. This method covers core themes which include the Business Case, the Organisation, Quality, Risk, Plans, Progress and Change. Prince2™ and PMBoK® work very well together.
  • Agile Project Management which includes Scrum, XP Programming, DSDM and Lean methodologies and follows a very specific framework that covers the Envision Phase, the Speculate phase, the Explore Phase and the Adapt and Close Phase. This framework assists in applying agile principles and practices on projects.
  • Audits can be conducted on your projects to establish how well the team is adhering to best practice and then to provide a development plan to enhance performance if required
  • Audits can be conducted on programs to establish if the infrastructure has been created for the downstream projects and how effective that infrastructure is
  • An assessment can be conducted on the individuals or teams to establish their current capabilities and perhaps development needs.
  • An assessment can be conducted to establish the relationship between business and the PMO to ascertain strengths and weaknesses and to close the relationship gap.

Audits and assessments must consider the current maturity level of the organisation as a whole.