Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching

We only work with leaders who are already successful.  That is, we don’t take on a coaching role to someone who has derailed and is referred to us by a manager. The leader must have a desire to be more successful and a desire to leave an amazing legacy.

We know that successful leaders are busy and therefore have time constraints.  We know that successful leaders have no time for nonsense.

We use the John Mattone Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching Process where we address the whole person. The emphasis is on uncovering critical existing strengths as well as development needs that will lead to increased professional fullfilment, greater balance, improved capability, commitment and alignment.

What you can expect from me as your Coach:

  • Objectivity and support
  • Non-judgemental and encouraging
  • Complete confidentiality (as much as the law allows)
  • Open, honest and candid feedback
  • Appropriate promotion of new insights and discoveries
  • A goal of bringing out the best in you at present and seek your greatest future direction
  • A resource and sounding board for you to breakthrough barriers and accomplish your goals

The Differentiators that set us apart from other coaching programs:

Besides a 98% success in leadership capability improvement and a definite ROI,  we use a potent and holistic combination of methods:

  • the MLEI which is the Mattone Leadership Enneagram Inventory that reflects how you come across as a leader
  • the CPI 260® which is the Instrument that defines leadership characteristics into the following Core Performance areas:
    • self-management
    • organisational capabilities
    • team building and team work
    • problem solving
    • sustaining the vision
  • The ‘I Opt’ survey which identifies your personal strategic style in how you simply process information
  • 360° Strategic Tactical Leadership Index
  • The Assessment and Leadership Model and Matrix

The CPS and ILDP which is the 6 step Intelligent Leadership Plan with strategies that connect the dots

Leadership Coaching Options

Executive Coaching Option (SEC) features 50 to 75 hours over a 9 to 12 month period where Charmaine confidentially engages with executives (CEOs, COOs, CIOs, Directors, Managers) in the four proven phases of Awareness, Assessment, Action and Achievement.

This package includes:

  • In-depth diagnostic interview
  • Assessments (MLEI, CPI260, IOPT, STLI360)
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Shadow executive in a meeting, delivering presentations and interaction with stakeholders
  • In-depth debriefing sessions
  • Partnering with executive to develop custom leadership and personal development plan
  • LeaderWatch survey in 3 month intervals to measure improvement


Accelerated Coaching Process Option (ACP) features 10 to 20 hours over a 3 to 6 month period where Charmaine engages with emerging leaders.  ACP is faster, cost-sensitive yet highly effective.

This package is conducted online using technology methods such as  Skype, phone or video conferencing.

  • Context, history and background is obtained
  • Assessments conducted (MLEI, CPI260 and IOPT)
  • Partnering to help develop custom leadership and personal development plan