Agile Mentoring and Coaching

So you have sent your staff for training and spent a fortune on that training.  How do we bolt down and embed that best practice training so you can get a Return on Investment (ROI)?   How do we convert that knowledge into a true skill and therefore an organisation capability?

Mentoring and Coaching is a great way to obtain that ROI.  Mentoring and coaching is not a full time service.

I build a focused, trusting relationship where I obtain expectations from both the coach and the coachee.   Each individual or team are different and therefore will have different needs.  I coach on Prince2™ methodology, on PMBoK best practice, on the Agile Project Management Framework.

Agile Project Management is more than just software development and includes Scrum, XP Programming and Lean methodologies.  The majority of  organisation’s are looking to implement Agile.  The Agile methodology requires a very specific mindset, leadership skill and culture and in fact has a very structured framework.

  • Mentoring is providing the answers to an individual who needs direction
  • Coaching is asking the questions. The individual already has the answers but just requires some insight to assist with performance enhancement and reaching individual and company goals.

In today’s organisations we are faced with royal messes rather than just specific problems.  The biggest challenge for an organisation is its very own internal environment.

To fix this the royal mess requires adaptability, courage, modesty, diligence, gratitude, honesty and loyalty.  It requires an Agile Coach.  An Agile Coach can convert your traditional mind-set organisation into one that is sustainable, innovative and adaptive.   To fix this royal mess requires:

  • Co-creative teams that are hands on, inter-connected and share a common purpose, a common language and common values
  • Emergent solutions from emergent mind-sets with shorter cycles and feedback loops
  • Challenging thinking, challenging concepts and challenging thoughts through continuous learning and actively taking on this responsibility
  • Making adaptability a strategic goal as that creates agility. Agile is a noun.
  • Values and principles based on the Agile Manifesto and Declaration of Interdependence
  • Transparency and Trust which in turn requires shared values and principles, it requires that we like each other, that we rely on each other, that our behaviour embodies our values and principles
  • Networked leaders that can utilise collective intelligence of the network internal and external to the organisation
  • Team’s that are self-organised, self-motivated, self-driven including team self-selection to create collective intelligence
  • Being comfortable with ambiguity
  • Fairness which is a big deal
  • Failure which is our feedback. Leaders must not only protect their team when it has failed but cut themselves some slack too.  It’s okay to be vulnerable. It reflects that you are authentic.
  • That decision-making is shared by empowered teams leaving leaders to concentrate on strategy thus allowing the right problems to be solved by the right team
  • That team members always says Yes and…….there are no buts, in other words an inclusive team
  • Courage to be coached, mentored, to lead, to fail, to experiment
  • Continuous small improvements very often, more than often, regularly
  • Delivering business value through relationships not through business processes
  • Utilising the Kipling Method allowing you to think out the box – who, what, why, where, when and how
  • Customers matter. We work to create customer value. Customer value drives our performance behaviour at every level all the time, every time

No one can predict the future.  Ambiguity is frightening.   Agile is the way to go!  It is not without challenges.  It does not have a strategic time frame as it is emergent, it never ends, it is adaptable, it is about continuous improvement.

Agile Coaches and Leadership Coaches are a necessity during this transition.  Diligence reflects that there are no short cuts to success only hard work, consistency and perseverance.

Let me help you on your transformation journey.