Reason for our Existence

Time and again I have heard the following:

  1. Successful executives just don’t get it
  2. Resource capability is at its lowest
  3. Dead-wood is rife – they need to be moved vertically
  4. Project, programs and operations are working against one another
  5. Resources are over–allocated
  6. Traditional waterfall methodology does not work – change to agile
  7. Suppliers are useless
  8. Customers are unrealistic
  9. More processes are needed
  10. Our culture is not aligned to our values and work ethic
  11. Implementation is late due to excessive defects or scope has changed
  12. It was raised as a risk but now it’s an issue
  13. Managers are unable to connect and lead
  14. Career planning is non-existent
  15. We have lost millions with no return on investment
  16. Scope creep prevented us from delivering
  17. And so the problems continue…………

Today roughly only 32% of companies are able to implement their strategy on time, within budget and create real long term business value.  This is something Executives take seriously as they are accountable for the successful delivery of value and strategy. More than ever, the spotlight is on Executives to deliver.  The King IV Report on corporate governance, the code of ethics and good practices is placing more emphasis on strong leadership in order to sustain society’s resources.  In South Africa our legislation has also impacted resources.  These constraints accompanied with a globalised free market system, monetary policies and economic conditions are all placing a heavy burden on businesses.  They need to utilise existing business enablers to create business value. Executives need to leverage their leadership strengths to maximise ROI while leaving a legacy.  Executives also need a helping hand, a right-hand, that will provide common sense Intelligent Leadership Executive Coaching to harness individual and organisational capabilities.

A further reason for strong Intelligent Executive Leadership is that shareholders are not interested in short term profits at the expense of society.  Current tax laws do not facilitate shareholders trading in the short term so the emphasis has definitely moved to long term sustainability.  Shareholders are so much wiser and more knowledgeable with technology advancements and will only invest in those organisations that have an ethical stance and a proven track record of creating business value.

You have to agree that there is much wastage of the very capabilities that drive desired benefits – wastage of successful leaders, of skilled human resources, of material resources and financial resources. We must ignite passion, ignite individual and company capabilities and ignite the will to ensure sustainability and an everlasting Executive Leadership legacy.