Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating a workshop requires some skill and experience especially with regard to communication skills, conflict management and decision making that ensures everyone buys into the decisions made.


You may consider using these services if you have

  • a graduate business analyst who needs to obtain user requirements
  • a new agile team who need assistance with user story creation or retrospectives or even estimating sizes
  • a project manager who may need an expert in assisting with scope definition so as to nail it down in one session
  • a lessons learned workshop where you need to get to the real causes of issues
  • a risk workshop where you need a very structured process in order to prevent risks from ever becoming issues
  • experienced many testing issues and you want to plan in quality either within a department, project or at a program level



  • the right attendees
  • providing structure and purpose
  • the decision making process
  • facilitating the process
  • maximising the time available
  • documenting the outcome