Mindful a Key Element for Leadership in Agile Businesses

In my personal experience I learnt that I needed to be more mindful to be a great leader.  I kept asking myself, how do I become more mindful?

If you look up the meaning in the dictionary mindful means to be aware of, to be sensible, to be alert to, to be heedful of, watchful of, cognisant of, the willingness to do.

The how is always my quest. Until I know how I cannot take the first steps to deliver what is required of me. As a natural Driver to meet goals and objectives I know I need to bring the team with me, and be more of service to them, and therefore be more mindful.  In other words, a servant leader.   You will notice that mindful is to do with the mind.  Some pitfalls of the mind are pride and arrogance.  Fears are very common too.

I embarked on a personal challenge and discovered that FEAR is man’s greatest enemy to becoming mindful.  Fear causes anger, anxiety, depression and many other dis-eases of the mind and diseases of the body. Fear means False Evidence that Appears Real.  Just ponder on that statement for a while.  Your mind is full of thoughts.  Those thoughts create drama.  Those thoughts in fact create your very own world.

The first step in being mindful is to control those thoughts.  Therefore, only concentrate on one thought at a time.  This requires the right effort and the fact that you are in the right job!

  • Is that thought going to get you to your goal?
  • Is that thought moral?
  • Could you share that thought with another?
  • Could you learn from that thought and then discard it and not dwell on it?

If you are a leader already, being mindful requires mental discipline (something which you have, as you are already successful) and mindful requires Wisdom.

Wisdom requires that you:

  • Listen for understanding – the right understanding
  • Use the right speech (try Non-Violent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg)
  • Use the right thought

Being mindful requires that:

  • Your attention is focused on one thing at a time.
  • Your intention is positive (to enhance, to develop, to encourage, to inspire).
  • Your attitude is free of your perceptions, your judgments and your assumptions towards others.

Are you consciously aware of the context of the information you perceive?

Are you open to new view points from other people’s perspectives without resistance?

Are you aware of what you do not know allowing you to be curious and probe to obtain the right understanding, that utilises insight, intuition and more importantly context?

The opposite of Mindful is Mindless. Mindless is action without thought.  It is acting from a single perspective that only leads to incorrect decision making in business, team disruption and dis-ease for all. Mindless is when your intention is negative.  For example to destroy, to lie, to manipulate and others.  This will only cause anxiety, fear, depression, rejection, loss in sales and ROI, etc).

Use your mental discipline, your ethics and your wisdom to start your mindful journey today, to reach your goal as a great leader.

You may need to keep this handy to ponder over as it takes time to master. Being aware is the first step. Then practice, practice, practice. Get your team to give you a hand.  It may mean showing your vulnerability. Another great way to being mindful.

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